photo: Soizic Watrin


From end of June to early September 2019...

We would be happy to welcome visitors who drop in to enjoy one of our gourmet menus or would like to spend a few days in a guestroom or rent our renovated cottage guesthouse near the fjord.
Ipiutaq guest farm was created in 2007 and since then, we are working to develop and improve the farm, and the facilities and offers for our guests as well.
We started without toilet, with cold water and a connection to the world through the radio... Today, we are happy to offer our guests true toilets, hot water in a new bathroom and an access to the Internet through our hotspot router from June 2013.
Since June 2016, Ipiutaq guest farm is for sale, but we are running the place and will continue our activities until a new owner will take over the firm and follow welcoming guests as we are doing from more than ten years.



photo: Karl Saint-Ellier

Come inside for a French-Greenlandic kaffemik or gourmet dinner, spend a few nights in a guestroom with meals included or share our cottage guesthouse with friends or family for a wonderful vacation at the ends of the earth...


You can also see how work is progressing on the farm and take a "hiking-fishing day" to Ilua valley, with silence and beautiful surroundings.


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