Arctic char fishing


photo: Thomas Bjerrum

photo: Thomas Bjerrum


At 45 minutes hiking from the house, it is possible to fish Arctic char in one of the more beautiful clear water rivers in Greenland... and eat it for dinner, cooked with plants from the Greenlandic nature.


                          photo: Antonio Anghileri                            photo: Antonio Anghileri


First fishing concession in Greenland

From june 2013, the clear flowing river Ilua located in the valley behind the farm and well known for arctic char fishing, is under a concession from the Government of Greenland.

To know more about Arctic char fishing at Ipiutaq guest farm


                 photo: Adrien Saint-Ellier

Fishing Greenland cod in the fjord



It is also possible to fish Greenland or Atlantic cod in the fjord, just down the house. Agathe will be happy to use it for a "Greenlandic Bouillabaisse" or simply oven-steamed with herbs and seaweeds.

Hiking and trekking



photo: Karl Saint-Ellier

From Ipiutaq, it is possible to go hiking or trekking, taking a break at the foot of a waterfall...

photo: Adrien Saint-Ellier

photo: Adrien Saint-Ellier

or enjoying the silence and the splendid surroundings, with view on ices of the neighbour fjord...


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On the beach or picking berries...


photo: Philippe Devisme


Take a day to discover Ipiutaq´s surreal beaches... or pick berries with sunny weather!

Discovering a greenlandic farm...


Discover how a greenlandic farm is built for a self-sufficiency for water, electricity, sewer, fields, ways and draining.

Observing the wildlife...


Hunting in the fjord                         A young greenlandic hare




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